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Get Our Impeccable Facial & Massage At Home Services

People don't take enough care of their skin these days due to hectic schedules. Beautician now offers Facial at home services at extremely economical prices so you can take care of skin without hassles. To have healthy skin, it is essential to follow a skincare regimen. To maintain healthy and fresh skin, it is important to have a skincare routine .Each of our treatments is unique and will bring out the best in you. It's unlike any other. Beautician is constantly looking for new opportunities to offer our customers. You can call us to request any of our salon services at home. The beautician staff is all highly trained with all proper certifications. 

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Bital Facial

Dermacos Facial (acni whitining lifting) 2599
Facial (60 Minutes) 2999
Face Polisher & Massage 1199
Beautician's Signature Facial with Polisher (60 Minutes) 2499
Gold Facial with Polisher (60 Minutes) 2499
Dermacos Facial with Polisher (60 Minutes) 1999
Full Body Glowing Polisher + Scrub (60 Minutes) 3999

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Bital Massage

Full Body Massage Therapy (60 Minutes) 2499
Full Body Massage Therapy (90 Minutes) 3499
Stress Relief Full Body Massage (90 Minutes) 999
Anti Aging Body Scrub + Massage (90 Minutes) 3899

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